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Jax Wax is a high quality vegan wax, who have been in the industry for over 20 years. You can enjoy beautiful aromas with superb grip, for excellent results every time. Smooth skin, less pain and no sticky residue! 

For best results, follow our pre and post care. 

Waxing The Beauty Hideaway Lancing


Using traditional roller strip wax with paper removal and luxury Depileve products. 

Half leg


3/4 leg


Full leg


Chest or back




Back of hands and fingers






Full arm


Intimate Waxing Rachel Cude Worthing


We use Jax Wax hot wax for a less painful experience, without comprimising on results! The wax sets around the hair and is removed with firm, quick pressure to relieve any sting.

Jax Wax creates a product which is gentle, with limited soreness after your appointment and you can enjoy cooling, soothing aftercare products to remove any residue.

You'll maintain modesty and dignity at all time. No 'all fours' here! 



Around the line of your underwear.

High bikini


Around the line of your underwear, with extra removed from the top and sides.



All hair is removed including from the buttocks, leaving a landing strip. 



All hair is removed including from the buttocks.






Naval area.

Facial Waxing The Beauty Hideaway


High quality products and an experienced technique combined with soothing aftercare result in a silky smooth result!

Jax Wax's luxury strip wax is subtly fragranced and suitable for sensitive skins, whilst being tough on stubborn hairs.

Lip or chin


Lip and chin


Cheek area


Pre and post care

For best results please follow our recommended aftercare. 

Hair should be approx 1cm in length, similar to a grain of rice, before waxing. This usually means no hair removal for at least four weeks before waxing, depending on the coarseness of hair and speed of growth. We cannot guarantee smooth results if hair is shorter. 

Please exfoliate and moisturise the area 12 hours before your treatment. Also, avoid vigorous exercise or heat. 

Initially you can expect smooth results for 7-10 days, increasing to 2-3 weeks after four consecutive treatments.

Avoid swimming, sunbathing, sunbeds, saunas, jacuzzis and vigorous exercise of any forms for at least 24 hours. This is to prevent irritation to the area.

Regular gentle exfoliation and moisturising helps to prevent ingrown hairs.

Waxing appointments should be kept 4-6 weeks apart initially, before they can be stretched to 8 weeks depending. Quicker return visits may result in breaking the hair cycle so you spend more money but still get quick regrowth.


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