Eve Taylor Skincare at The Beauty Hideaway

Your skin is different to everyone else's. Your facial should be too. We personalise each treatment; whether that's to target sensitive, dry, combination, ageing or oily types, we'll only use the products that will get you the best results. We use Eve Taylor, who have been using essential oils and aromatherapy in skincare for over 50 years because everybody should be able to afford these little luxuries, without compromising on proven results.

Not sure which treatment is best for your skin?  Book your free Skin Consultation to discuss your needs and desired results.

Homecare products are also available to purchase.

Eve Taylor Facials in Lancing


Get a course of six treatments for the price of five!

Hideaway Express


30 minutes. Is an ideal Intro Facial.



60 minutes. Includes Foaming Gel with Steam and Neck, Facial & Shoulder Massage



75 minutes. Includes Foaming Gel with Steam and Neck, Facial & Shoulder Massage with Luxury Peel Off Masque

Teen clean express


30 minutes. A quick facial to make a start on congested skin. Ideal Teen Intro Facial

Teen clean


60 minutes. designed for clogged and congested skin with frequent breakouts. Targeted products to lift grime and dirt and unclog pores, whilst hydrating skin. Promoted for teen skin, but ideal for any age!  

Ultra bright


60 minutes. designed to target dull or hyerpigmentation. Use gentle fruit acids to visibly brighten the skin.

Winter rescue


60 minutes. designed for dry or dehydrated skin. Uses oatmeal and borage seed to soothe, hydrate and nourish skin. Ideal in the winter months when heating and cold weather takes it toll.



75 minutes. designed for dull, congested, oily skin. We use Activated Charcoal Products by Bielenda Professional to detoxify, rehydrate and nourish the skin.

Our routine includes the following steps, with add ons depending on the facial selected. 


Double Cleanse

First we'll use an oil based cleanser to lift away dirt, then a gel/cream based product to remove impurities.



Exfoliation removes dead skin cells, followed by a foaming gel under steam* to loosen any comedones with extraction if necessary.

*Not included in Express facials.



Enjoy an indulgent neck and facial massage*, helping you to relax and relish in the luxury.

*Not included in Express facials. 


Serums and Masques

A speciality serum or masque is applied to target your specific concerns, whilst a relaxing scalp massage is performed.



Hydration is key to beautiful skin. A serum and/or moisturiser with SPF is applied, plus a deluxe lip balm for added benefits.



We are happy to recommend the best aftercare products, but there is no requirement to purchase any.

Microdermabrasion Facial in Worthing


"Deeply exfoliates my skin, giving it a good spring clean!"
- Rachel.

Ideal for fine lines, scarring and pitting, enlarged pores, comedones, breakouts, acne (not active/infected), hyperpigmentation and sundamage. It's a great way to kick start your skincare routine, leaving you with rejuvenated, healthy skin and that beautiful rosy glow!

Miniature diamond grains create a light abrasion adjusted to your skin colour and type, gently removing dead skin cells and imperfections. As the wand moves across your skin a mild suction hygienically disposes of old skin cells whilst stimulating cellular renewal and collagen production that results in clear, smooth skin. A cooling aloe gel masque is then applied to soothe and hydrate after your treatment.

Single treatment


60 minutes.

Course of six treatments


1 week - 1 month apart.

LED Facial at The Beauty Hideaway

LED light therapy canopy

Our canopy emits therapeutic wavelengths of energy which are absorbed 8 - 10mm into the skin. At this depth the light kickstarts cellular energy and regeneration, increasing collagen for a youthful complexion and wound healing.

Many salons use a mask, but our canopy is a more relaxing and less claustrophobic option!

  • Red LED Light 620-750nm: perfect for wrinkles, fine lines and ageing skin. Helps to increase the process of tissue recovery and rejuvenation by increasing blood flow, collagen stimulation, activation of protective and anti-oxidant properties.
  • Blue LED Light 450-495nm: great for acne-prone or sun damaged skin, by killing bacteria in the oil glands and reducing the inflammation of pustules.
  • Green LED Light 495-570nm: perfect for uneven skin tones. This balancing, calm light helps to reduce measma, hyperpigmentation, rosacea, vitiligo, skin discolouration, dark circles and scarring. 
  • Purple LED Light 380-450nm: this combination of red and blue lights give the benefits of both. 
  • Cyan LED Light 470nm: get all the benefits of blue light, but with a further calm and gentle effect. 
  • Yellow LED Light 570-590nm: It's calming, soothing effect is great for irritations, inflammation and redness. Ideal for sensitive skin.

Single treatment


45 minutes.

Course of six treatments


1 week apart.

Add to any facial


15 minutes.

Dermaplaning Skincare Facial Lancing


"Perfect for a radiant glow!"
- Rachel.

A stainless steel scalpel painlessly glides gently across the skin to exfoliate away dead skin cells, impurities and peach fuzz, achieving a bright, glowing complexion. Don't worry! Despite popular belief, the hair does not grow back thicker.

Dermaplaning also achieves an exceptionally smooth makeup canvas and promotes deeper product penetration, boosting the effect of serums and other skincare products. 

Basic Dermaplaning


45 minutes. 

Dermaplaning with brightening masque


55 minutes.

Dermaplaning with enzyme peel and LED light


75 minutes.

Course of six treatments

1 free

1 month apart.

Ekseption Chemical Peel Lancing

Chemical Peels

Ekseption have options to suit a range of skin types and a variety of needs, from scarring and pigmentation, to wrinkles, fine lines and acne. These peels are the latest advancement in the skincare industry, as they exfoliate, renew, treat and moisturise with a synergy of selected acids and active ingredients which cause less irritation. This means they're great for sensitive complexions, including dermatitis, eczema and rosacea. Whilst preventing moisture loss, they offer anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits which gently encourage cellular turnover to promote a youthful complexion.

These peels are also gentle enough to be used year round, with improvements being seen after just one treatment. A course of peels and using the right homecare products are advised for the best results though, and we will always discuss your needs and concerns before treatment commences.

PHA peel


60 minutes.

Course of six treatments


1 week apart.


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